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Searching for people in the UK can be done for free or you can pay a small amount for premium searches, usually costing just a few pence each.

192 (who advertise on this site) offer two types of search results, free results and paid for results. Their system is entirely free to try so you can make your own mind up if you want to purchase any premium search results available.

Search for people in the UK.

To search for UK based people you need the peoples first and last name, if you have a middle initial or  idea where they may be living for example a 16 mile radius from  St Ives this can help reduce the number of results and enable you to search for the person faster.

You can drill down through the search results to filter out negative matches. For example you can select by occupation, by age or by spouse or children details. This enables a very powerful people search  free of errors.

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